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What is Wellbeing?

Your wellbeing covers many aspects of your life, and how they affect you.  Most important of those aspects are your physical and mental health. 

What is Mental Health?

As a society, we are all now very well-informed about our physical health; ways to stay healthy and what we should do if we are experiencing difficulties, minor or major.

However, historically there has been a lack of understanding and even stigma surrounding mental health, which is now being improved as people are becoming more likely to talk about their mental health, and there is more information and advice available.

 We all have mental health and, just like with our physical health, each person will have a journey where at some points their mental health is thriving, whilst at other points they will experience difficulties (mental ill-health).  As with our physical health, some of these will be a minor and can be improved by taking measures to keep mentally healthy, whilst others will be more significant and require some help from others and professionals.

You would not try to walk on a broken leg or fix the bone yourself, and you would not refuse a painkiller if you had a headache!  Your mental health needs the same consideration; remember it is OK to not feel OK!

In the wake of Covid-19 and a succession of lockdowns, we have all had greater strains place on our own mental health.  The stresses of illness, and in some cases, loss, financial worries, the pressures of work and home schooling, continual exposure to negative news and uncertainty, combined with the fact that many activities that aid our wellbeing (socialising with colleagues, seeing family and friends, playing sports, attending a hair appointment, etc.) have been inaccessible, means that many of us are feeling less than mentally health at the moment.

In this section of the website, we have constructed pages that can help you pick up some tips for keeping mentally healthy, as well as providing advice on where to seek help.

Together, we can make a positive change around mental health and wellbeing, a mentally healthy community is a productive and creative community.